Madera is a premium designer and manufacturer of high end commercial and military crafts for heavy duty use. A Madera is Different and better than any craft out there. The Madera Crafts are the next level in naval platforms and are setting the new standard for the global market. This can only be done by exceeding our customers’ expectations in quality, innovation and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction. In that way we create returning customers of which we already have many.

In January 2014 Madera Ribs became part of the VEKA Group, a distinctive Dutch shipbuilder and international player in the maritime industry.

Madera stands for the toughest and most durable platforms available as a high speed craft. Madera Ribs has extensive experience in the design and build in series of fast RIBs for professional commercial, para-military and military users.

Madera has a In-house design department. Every model is first completely engineered in advanced 3D design software before the start of production.

Next to this theoretical approach we also do many practical tests and mockups in our workshop, to confirm that the software is right. Nothing is left to the unknown.

Our drive towards innovating has resulted in solutions for the Madera Rib which enhances the effectiveness while reducing the risks for the crew. The Madera is technically advanced and is ready for the future as it can easily be adapted for new technologies and purposes.

For some models we use advanced composites as a building material and for other application we offer aluminum crafts.

A Madera is very strong and very robust, has an innovative design, is redundant, low in maintenance, detailed engineered and of superb build quality. All this together makes a Madera Virtually Indestructible and the best choice for your mission.